[chuck-dev] Fwd: Oh no, I fixed it: log level bug.

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 15:45:13 EDT 2009

Hi Garry.

> The deprecated functions in RtAudio are a relatively easy fix.  I will get
> around to it by December but I see no rush, as those functions are still
> supported until at least the next major OS release.  RtAudio from 2005 ...
> wow, that's many releases old!
> That would be good, as using the newer version or RtAudio would also solve
the lack of ASIO on Windows, right? I have been campaigning for that for a
long time now. Plain Windows audio drivers for realtime instrumentalist
applications are a exercise in masochism, at least on XP.

> What is the problem with using the STK .h and .cpp files "as is" in Chuck?

The STK lacks a concept of duration and so classes like Envelope in the
plain STK set duration-based member functions in float. In ChucK we should
clearly set duration in "dur". ChucK also changed the range of some
parameters away from MIDI-based ranges to a 0-1 range. Also; we made some
fixes to STK bugs that I'm not sure were send upstream.

I'm not sure what you mean by ChucK having added soundfile support recently.
I suppose it depends on what you call "recent", but I'm sure it has been
there since I have been around which is about since the Dracula version. I
don't think I can remember any significant changes in that area over this

Syncing might still be good, but IMHO not without taking care that the way
that ChucK uses the STK stays within this more ChucKist perspective on UGen

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