[chuck-dev] LiSa revised - fixed many bugs (PATCH)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 12:40:53 EDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 06:24:46PM +0200, Robin Haberkorn wrote:
> I've attached all three of the patches I previously submitted in this
> thread. Based on chuck-v1.3.1.2 (same version I use).

Thank you. I previously misread and though they were for

> Regarding your second question: No unfortunately you can't since I was
> not disciplined enough to separate them. I started to work on it in
> order to improve LiSa performance and add features and ended up
> rewriting part of LiSa and fixing a lot of bugs in the process.
> I could spend some time to rewrite all of the changes though...

Yes, I see. Makes total sense to me... I'll just dive in, I suppose
:-) The fixes are clearly needed, the additions will need a look and
as I think you gathered Dan's talents are more urgently needed
elsewhere right now. Should be a educational experience for me too :-)

> btw. I wasn't active on the list for the last few weeks since I
> worked on a kind of 2d graphics package that may be used with ChucK.
> Indeed I wrote it to use it with ChucK and it contains ChucK
> wrappers: github.com/rhaberkorn/osc-graphics Hope to announce it
> soon on the ChucK mailing list.

Cool! Did you have a look at the ChuGin repository? I think it was
Spencer who has started doing a plugin for the fabled "GLucK" (Open
GL) plan. If that can work then the ChuGin format might be a suitable
one for this too? Would be quite cool for stuff like scopes and other
tools for analysis.

Thanks for the pointers!

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