[chuck-dev] 64-bit patches (working!)

Robin Haberkorn robin.haberkorn at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 3 08:09:16 EDT 2012

On 03/09/12 03:47, Ge Wang wrote:
> Hi Robin!
> Thanks for the email!  This is really awesome of you!  We are actually
> the verge of releasing a 64-bit update of ChucK -- we'll definitely take
> this into account.  I've attached our unified diff (between and
> this version *so far*, which will soon be out as  This current
> update is based on Paul Bossier's 64-bit port for Ubuntu (for!),
> plus quite a bit of additional changes and re-factoring.

Ooops, didn't expect that. So my work was sort of redundant.

> ...
> Can you elaborate on the Jack-support patch?  So far we have our 64-bit
> version working on OS X, and have it compiling remotely on linux-jack
> (being remote, we haven't yet tested real-time audio via jack).
> ...

I've attached it. Has nothing to do with 64-bit support. Its purpose is
to allow RtAudio to open exactly as much input/output ports as were
specified on the ChucK command line. It also disables automatically
connecting these ports. Seems useful to me in any serious Jack setup
where you will need more than 2 or so output ports for ChucK and want
the connections be done by your Jack patchbay.
On the other hand you might want to be able to run ChucK without prior
patchbay setup. So I'm not sure whether this patch should just be
adopted. Perhaps only when a number of input/output channels are
explicitly requested this should be the default behaviour.

> ...
> This is really excellent of you - we've already start going through your
> patch, and while it takes a slightly different approach, there is much
> there to working in over time.  Thank you very much!  The 64-bit journey
> has certainly been a big team effort dating back several years (thanks
> also to Paul Brossier, Steven Sinclair, and others!)  Would love to get
> your thoughts on we have so far (we are actually pretty close to
> releasing an update, which in usual chuck fashion we plan to "hot-fix"
> with rapid
> incremental updates).
I didn't do that much. The first patch is new, the second patch is
largely Steven Sinclair's except "time/event => now" fixes and the third
patch is only a hack. Hope you can make use of it anyway. Will have a
look at your patch as well.

> Rock on,
> Ge!

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