[chuck-dev] fixed array compatibility checking (PATCH)

Dan Trueman dtrueman at princeton.edu
Sat Sep 8 10:22:13 EDT 2012

right, single buffer, with multiple channels out => really lovely with hemispherical speakers and outside-in 8 channel systems. 

i think when i did this quite some time ago it was for a piece i was working on, and i hadn't actually meant for it to get checked in, due to the multichannel problems. i welcome any efforts to improve this, and thanks for taking a look Robin! it's possible the multichannel issues in Chuck have been resolved in the meantime, but if not, this may be a non-starter until they are. i wish i had time to work on this again, but i just don't at the moment.


On Sep 7, 2012, at 10:38 AM, Robin Haberkorn wrote:

> On 06/09/12 04:18, Dan Trueman wrote:
>> LiSa multichannel is for multichannel output. i haven't looked at it in a long while, as there were issues with the chuck implementation of multichannel stuff, and i welcome someone smarter than me to fix/finish it....
>> cheers,
>> dan
> Hi Dan,
> apparently the LiSa buffer is still a single channel but you can pan the
> LiSa voices between the 8 output channels.
> The reason LiSa is so slow may be that in its tick-function (invoked at
> sample rate for every LiSa in the graph), there are some loops over the
> 8 output channels and 200 (possible) voices even if it doesn't play or
> record or only one voice is used. Should have nothing to do with
> unnecessary function/method calls since they are inlined. Will have a
> look soon how to optimize that.
> Would seem plausible to me that only a requested number of voices is
> actually used and there should be a dynamic number of output channels
> (one for each voice). I don't think the latter is currently possible in
> ChucK.
> If nothing works I think I'll just patch it for my setup to use a single
> output channel and only one voice.
> cheers,
> robin
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