[chuck-dev] LiSa revised - fixed many bugs (PATCH)

Robin Haberkorn robin.haberkorn at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 8 17:50:11 EDT 2012


As promised I took a look at LiSa and fixed many bugs. See the git
commit description in the patch for details. It applies to v1.3.1.0.

I couldn't really improve its performance significantly but you may now
again compile LiSa as a mono UGen (#define LiSa_channels 1) which does
the trick for me. Haven't yet even used a profiler or memory checker on
ChucK (but I will sooner or later).

Tested LiSa only superficially but some things like tracking mode 1 and
2 are completely broken beginning with v1.3.0.0! Will test them soon and
post updated patches if necessary as I intend to use these tracking modes.

btw. I see many examples in the ChucK code where comments are used to
denote author and subject of a change. Why are you doing that? If every
developer writes proper commit messages you may just as well use "svn
blame" (or later "git blame") and "svn log".

Best regards,
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