[chuck-dev] LiSa revised - fixed many bugs (PATCH)

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Sep 9 06:49:48 EDT 2012


I second Kassen and would like to say rock on to your chuckian coding 
rampage so far!

>> btw. I see many examples in the ChucK code where comments are used to
>> denote author and subject of a change. Why are you doing that? If every
>> developer writes proper commit messages you may just as well use "svn
>> blame" (or later "git blame") and "svn log".

I think putting when/by-whom a change is introduced inline in the code 
tends to naturally improve the information about context and intention, 
and in ways that outside-of-code things like 'git blame' doesn't do (and 
yet it doesn't undermine 'git blame' -- one can still do that as per 
usual).  It's meant to be additive to the usual good practices (e.g., 
proper commit messages), not a substitute.  Now, I don't claim this is 
good or bad practice, but it seems useful for chuck, and that's why we've 
chosen to do this.

Thanks again for your efforts!


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