[chuck-dev] Bug with Bowed

Philipp Kroos philipp.kroos at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 03:50:57 EST 2013

I think there is a bug in the ugen_stk code for Bowed, is that known?
Someone in the currently ongoing coursera class found that .rate is
not accepted by the compiler.
I looked into the code and actually  it seems as if the according
members are not announced/created for the ChucK VM. I could fix it
adding these lines, though I don't know if it's working correctly.
But at least you'll know what I mean :)

    func = make_new_mfun( "float", "rate", Bowed_ctrl_rate ); //! rate
    func->add_arg( "float", "value" );
    if( !type_engine_import_mfun( env, func ) ) goto error;

    func = make_new_mfun( "float", "rate", Bowed_cget_rate ); //! rate
    if( !type_engine_import_mfun( env, func ) ) goto error;

Best, Philipp

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