[chuck-dev] Serial port segfault

Leonardo Laguna modlfo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 12:00:49 EST 2014


my name is Leonardo and I'm new ChucK enthusiast.  I'm working in a small
project that uses serial communication with an Arduino, but I'm having
problems using it on my ubuntu computer.

I started with the examples in the 'serial' folder for the version,
but non of them seems to work for me.  I get a segfault as soon as the
serial obect is created with:

SerialIO cereal;

I tested other computers also with ubuntu and even in the Raspberry Pi but
I have the same problem.

Is this a known issue? is there any workaround?

I'll be looking at the code, but I'm still not very familiar with the ChucK
source code.

Best regards,

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