[chuck-dev] Concrète Mixer - ChucK based Pi app

stuartcmcd . stuartcmcd at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 05:46:28 EDT 2015

Hi sometime last year I asked for permission to distribute a compiled
ChucK binary with an app I was developing. It took a while for me to
get my act together, but it's ready now.

The program is called Concrète Mixer and is intended as a sound file
mixer with an effects chain, with parameters as free as possible so
that no two iterations of the playback are the same. The user supplies
audio files (field recordings, advertising jingles, whatever seems to
work), and the program pumps them through an effects chain and
periodically chops them up.

Concrète Mixer is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi. It didn't run
convincingly on the first generation of Pis, but the Pi 2 has allowed
44kHz playback with plenty of headroom. The app has a repeat mode so
it can perform as many iterations as the listener's sanity will allow.

The software is very much a 'my first ChucK project' and pretty
simple, but if the idea of an open-ended sound altering and colouring
program interests you, you can check out the code at
https://github.com/concrete-mixer/concrete-mixer or have a listen to
demo tracks at: https://concrete-mixer.bandcamp.com.

Finally, thanks to the ChucK devs for making this project possible!


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