[chuck-users] ffmup chuck duet video + new power toys

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Dec 1 03:10:38 EST 2005


Perry and I rendered another chuck performance/disaster last night as 
part of FFMUp in Princeton.  Perry played the VOMID (Voice-Oriented 
Melodica Interface Device) [1] and projected the sound through the 
amazing Noggin-phonics speaker head (also a PRC production), while I 
programmed on-the-fly:


The breath pressure sensor, joystick, sliders, and linear FSR 1 on the 
VOMID controlled a live vocal model in chuck; the consonants (and 
belching) were sound clips, played by the keys and linear FSR 2 - 
all projected through metal head + mounted speakers of the Noggin-phonics!
(The wild spatializing effect of this is unfortunately lost in the 

Another notable aspect of the ordeal was the debut of two new chuck 
things, soon to be released.  Both are authored by Spencer Salazar, a 
most righteous programmer and CS major here at Princeton.  The ChucK 
Shell is a built-in command line interface *within* chuck, from which 
on-the-fly programming commands (and even live code) can be issued with 
great efficiency.  The other is a prototypical native ChucK editor 
(called the miniAudicle, using Cocoa on OSX, Win32/MFC on Windows, and 
we-haven't-decided-what on linux).  This will be released along with the 
Audicle, to add to our arsenal of chuck power toys.  We will be hearing 
more about both the shell and the miniAudicle very soon (they are still 
in intense development)...

So a big thanks to Spencer, and to Scott Smallwood for setting everything 
up for FFMUP.

Perry + Ge!
Read more about the VOMID here:

[1] http://hct.ece.ubc.ca/nime/2005/proc/nime2005_236.pdf

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