[chuck-users] icons for upcoming Chuck IDE?

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at princeton.edu
Thu Dec 15 17:57:27 EST 2005

I have been working on a free GPLed integrated development  
environment ("IDE") program designed specifically for development in  
ChucK, called miniAudicle.  It is planned to be released for Mac OS  
X, Win32, and Linux.  I was hoping to design some pretty-looking  
icons to represent the "add," "remove," "replace," "remove all," and  
"remove last" on-the-fly programming commands within the miniAudicle.

Unfortunately, my graphic design skills leave much to be desired.  So  
i ask of the ChucK community at large: would anybody like to  
contribute their icon design talents for use within the miniAudicle?   
The only characteristics im really looking for are that the icons be  
48x48 pixels or larger, that they have a transparent background, and  
that, to some degree, they can be intuitively associated with the  
corresponding ChucK OTF commands.

Here is a screenshot of the icons currently in use: http:// 

they work well enough, but they were designed for a web browser, so  
some of the icons dont really match up as well with the corresponding  
functionality as they could.  Also, due to some licensing issues im  
not sure if I would be able to distribute them in any case.

please let me know if youd be willing to help with this.  also if  
anyone has any pointers to any good repositories of decent looking  
icons which could be easily used in this project, that would also be  
very helpful and probably involve less redundant labor.


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