[chuck-users] Segmentation fault

Ollie Glass ollieglaskovik at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 18:33:31 EST 2005

Hi Ge,

>> Sometimes I get a segmentation fault when loading a new sample  
>> into a sample buffer that's already playing. Sometimes it doesn't  
>> seem to cause a problem. Is there anything I can do to prevent  
>> these crashes?
> We just checked in a fix for sndbuf.read which now correctly  
> (hopefully) closes the file handles (which it wasn't doing) and  
> also resets a state variable.  It is now in CVS, and will be part  
> of, which should be released by tomorrow.  Please let us  
> know if this indeed remedies the problem.  Also, which platform is  
> this crash on?

Yes, fixes the problem. I am on OS X 10.4.3.

Thank you,


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