[chuck-users] performance under linux

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Dec 18 03:20:22 EST 2005


>>     > chuck --bufsize128 foo.ck
> That would translate to 1/44100 * 2 (stereo) * 2 (16 bit is two bytes) 
> * 128 = 11,6 ms of latency, right?

the 128 refers to audio frames, and not bytes - so it's closer to 50ms 
latency from audio buffering, I think.

>> Try different powers of two to hopefully find a good balance between 
>> latency and stability.
> That works great. Chorus still seems to be quite hungry. One aspect I 
> still need to try out is using a single one and not two Chorus'es 
> since it's now stereo as far as I unerstand.

Hmm... We haven't modified Chorus to be stereo yet.  It's on the queue 
of things to implement (and nowhere else).


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