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Robin Davies robin.davies at quest.com
Tue Nov 1 15:31:06 EST 2005

There were remnants and vestiges of an "auto-include" feature in Chuck sources last time I looked. These looked fairly promising. I'm not sure what the original intent was -- it didn't seem to be terribly functional in the last set of sources I looked at, but the general intention seemed like a good idea. 

As I read it, the intention was to look for a matching source file for undefined classes and load the matching source file on demand. The complication, presumably, is that the class implementations have to be loaded in multiple steps: parse all declarations of auto-included files first, and then bind references in a separate pass, in order to avoid problems with circular references. The code for the multi-step binding seems to be mostly there too -- more there, than the auto-include flag, anyway.

The basic idea seemed sound, and is somewhat better than providing a lexical include facility.

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>  PD> yes, but it's  in development / testing phases.
> Ah, I should take a look at that, then ...   Is it a "simple lexical"
> include (like with the c preprocessor), or is it in a higher level,
> (what I'd like to call require/provide, like in elisp), so that the
> included code only needs to be compiled once?
> Basically, I'd like "require foo" to check (in a hash table) if foo
> allready is provided, and in that case just return. If foo isn't
> provided, it could search the load path for "foo.ck", and compile that
> if found.
> This would be very simple given a global namespace for functions and
> classes (so that the classes in foo is available for all shreds when
> foo is required in one).  Otherwise require would also have to include
> the foo namespace into the current namespace.
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