[chuck-users] Re: WvOut

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Tue Nov 8 19:37:02 EST 2005

Jim Hinds <jahbini at romantictrances.com> writes:

> I'd like to learn from Eduard's example of "not working."  My conjecture is
> that the fan-out of the ugen whitenoise is only one, and that the last "chuck"
> operator (whitenoise => dac) un-chucks the previous line.
> That is, for a general ugen (or other chuckable object): fan-in == many;
> fan-out == 1.
> Yes?

I'd think so, yes (I'm just learning as well).
But, my understanding of the chuck dataflow is that any signal must
must have a destination before it can be used.  I discovered that when
fooling around with a signal that I did not want to hear so I was not
chucking it to dac.  Therefore in eduard's example:

WvOut waveOut;
gain g;
0.9 =>g.gain;
noise whitenoise;

// variable whitenoise contains no signal
// why?  because it's not being 'sucked' to another ugen.

0.5 => whitenoise.gain;
whitenoise => waveOut;

// ...  so it cannot be recorded

whitenoise =>  dac;
2::second => now;
whitenoise =< dac;

I maybe wrong about this but you can try this:

adc => gain g;

while (true)
    755::ms => now;
    <<< g.last() >>>;

and it will print only 0s.

this, however:

adc => gain g => dac;
while (true)
    755::ms => now;
    <<< g.last() >>>;

will print the actual values.

I presume that this the raison d'être for the balckhole ugen.

I, too, would appreciate any corrections in my understanding.


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