[chuck-users] Stop Beeping at Me

kassen kassen at mail.deltaman.nl
Sat Nov 12 11:25:04 EST 2005

> Is there functionality (any platform) along the lines of an 'audio 
> firewall' that restricts soundcard access to a set of named or approved 
> applications?

The soundcard i have on my Windows laptop can only do one mode at once so; once it's in
ASIO mode everything else is shut out which includes the windows notification stuff
(which I think is DX or something similar).

What you can also do is leave your build in soundcard (the one most motherboards and
laptops have thse days) enabled, set that as the default card and don't conect it. Now
everything not explicidly configured to use your "real" soundcard will try to use that one.


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