[chuck-users] pitching samples

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 19:41:55 EST 2005

Ollie Glaskovik wrote:

> I'd like to make a pitched sample playing function which, given a  
> sample at a known pitch (say C-2) and a MIDI pitch value (0-127),  plays 
> the sample at that pitch. I suppose this could be done with  sndbuf's 
> .rate function and some math but I'm not sure where to  start.

Given you have the midi pitch in the variable "note", the following will 
work. "transpose" is just a handy way of transposing the instrument, 
"root" is the known pitch of the sample. Note also that mtof will work 
with float, so you can have 12.01 => transpose, to transpose an octave + 
a cent.

12 => transpose;
60 => root;

sndbuf s => dac;

std.mtof(note + transpose)/ std.mtof(root) => s.rate;

peace, love & harmony


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