[chuck-users] performance of chuck

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 20:10:40 EST 2005


I've made a working version of the midi setup I've been rambling about.
Now that I make som reak music with the setup I've made a few new

Most problematic is the fact that chuck often (well not often, but
sometimes) click and pops, esp at noteons, but also other places. I
guess I have to see if I can reduce the code run at noteon time, right?
But besides that is there any general approaches for making chuck run
more smoothly?

Just as anoying is the fact that if I punish chuck with too many notes
she breaks up the audio. That's just the way it is and I can live with
that. But the problem is that after such an incident timing seems to be
very sloppy.

I could post some examples if someone care to look at them. I'm sure my
code can be optimized quite a bit. But I guess the above is still valid
since optimized code will behave similar if pressed hard enough.

As a final remark at least the following code is totally un-elegant (I 
have a feeling Chorus is not the cheapest UGen around), but I can't 
figure out how to envelopes on a stereo signal (and Chorus is mono 
anyways, or?):
  sinosc s1 => ADSR env => pan2 pan;
  sinosc s2 => Chorus chor_l => ADSR env_l => pan.left;
  sinosc s3 => Chorus chor_r => ADSR env_r => pan.right;
  pan => dac

NB: Still under linux/debian/unstable with realtime kernel from demudi.

NB2: With csound I was able to enhance performance by running in a
virtual terminal without X. But with chuck, that doesn't semm to make
much difference. Neither does running as root. Neither does running with 
nice -19 and killing a few daemons....

peace, love & harmony


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