[chuck-users] performance of chuck

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Nov 28 22:57:03 EST 2005

Hi Atte!

> I've made a working version of the midi setup I've been rambling about.

Cool.  Yes, sorry about the performance issues, I believe them to be due 
to the currently unoptimized implementation, though there are tweaks in 
the chuck code that can make a big difference.

> Most problematic is the fact that chuck often (well not often, but
> sometimes) click and pops, esp at noteons, but also other places. I
> guess I have to see if I can reduce the code run at noteon time, right?
> But besides that is there any general approaches for making chuck run
> more smoothly?

There may be, it depends on what the program is doing.  If you like, I am 
interested in looking at the program and see if/how we can tweak things 
and perhaps improve a few things in the chuck implementation at the same 

Also, the stability varies from platform to platform.  On linux, for 
example, we've disabled automatic scheduling/policy boosts (even when 
running as root), which might make a big difference especially in midi 

> I could post some examples if someone care to look at them.

Please do.  Thanks!

> (I have a feeling Chorus is not the cheapest UGen around), but I can't 
> figure out how to envelopes on a stereo signal (and Chorus is mono 
> anyways, or?):

You are right - Chorus is implemented in stereo but so far only exposed 
as a mono ugen in chuck.  (doh)  This is now on the bug list.

Sorry for the massive dose of hoops and issues chuck is providing. 
Thanks a ton for your thoughts/feedback.  We will continue to do our best 
to make things better.


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