[chuck-users] Power operator in chuck

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Nov 30 00:59:15 EST 2005

Hi Tennessee,

> As note progressions (and pitch perceptions) are logarithmic, being 
> able to access a decent power operator seems important. I want to start 
> with a walk up an octave, divided into an arbitrary number of segments.

You may have found this already: std.mtof( float ) converts MIDI
pitch (note number) to frequency in Hz.  Adjacent note numbers are a 
semitone apart (so every 12 is an octave) and the function will also
take fractional values as well.  std.ftom( float ) converts in the
other direction, from frequency to MIDI note number.

Here is a chart mapping some MIDI note numbers -> frequencies:



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