[chuck-users] performance of chuck

Perry R Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Nov 30 12:42:34 EST 2005

One definition of Object Oriented Programming is
that you make a Foot class, create many instances
of it, shoot yourself in one of those, and bleed
to death trying to figure out which instance you shot.


On Wed, 30 Nov 2005, Ge Wang wrote:

>>> Alrighty, we will fix this soon. (though there is something very chuckian 
>>> in doing redundant work and shooting one's self in the foot)
>> Why not go all the way and do like csound: shoot yourself in the head. It's 
>> much faster (both csound and shooting yourself in the head)? :-)
> No no, chuck is ultimately concerned only with foot-shooting, head-shooting 
> is optional and is to be user-defined.  Thanks.
> Ge!
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