[chuck-users] No stereo WvOut?

Graham Percival gpermus at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 04:25:02 EDT 2005

On 4-Oct-05, at 1:12 AM, Adam R. Tindale wrote:

> I have been using Bias Peak which will read .L and .R files. So I 
> record two mono files and then read them into Peak.
> You could also try some sort of audio hijack type utility or 
> soundflower if you are on OSX.

Yuck -- those are graphical apps!  :)

I'm pretty sure that sox can merge two mono files into a single stereo 
file.  If it
can't, ecasound certainly can.

Irrational biases against graphical mouse-driven software aside, 
programs are nicer for this because you can easily write a shell script 
will do this merging for you.

- Graham

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