[chuck-users] audicle

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 17 14:02:42 EDT 2005

> whats the current status of this project?

The Audicle release is tentatively planned for Christmas 2049... uh I 
mean 2005.  There are several key features/bugs to remove/implement, 
respectively.  The current set of things being worked on:


If anyone is willing to beta-test the audicle, that would be excellent. 
  We hope to start that next month.

> oh and the release of chuck is very neat.

Thanks - we are glad to hear that! has just been released.  
Announcement/release notes will go out on the main 'chuck' mailing list 
soon.  If you aren't on that list and want to sign up for marginally 
more spam:



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