[chuck-users] chuck beginner

Favio at gmx.net Favio at gmx.net
Tue Oct 18 03:07:38 EDT 2005


1. In your ChucK Tutorial, you write as follows...
"Given any number of source files that uses the timing mechanism above,...."

You are referin to the code of moe.ck, but I can't see or understand the
time mechanism used?

2. Is it possible to trigger ChucK with MIDI? I get the MIDI ports listed
under the --probe. And would it be also possible to sync ChucK with another
MIDI aplication, say MTC or something like that? Did anyone already write a
ck for that?

Thanks a lot!


Favio Masulli y Becker
Contact: 07840 185 746
MSN     : protoolz at hotmail.co.uk

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