[chuck-users] Help with arrays?

Vassili Slessarenko urbanmuzak at urbanplexus.net
Tue Oct 18 13:59:44 EDT 2005

Nobody really uses jankyteeth/soup anymore. SO i figured I'd ask here:

I can still not quite figure out how to do random choice wihtout 
replacement... I seem to have gotten one of the ways of doing it, but 
need help to make it not crash the spork. Here is the actual code. After 
all the effects it tries to randomly select pieces out of a sound file 
and then plays them at random speeds, etc. so you get a very weird 
reconstructed sound... feed it any sound file that the soundbuf class 
understands. The main part I'm having trouble with is the main 
while(true) loop. Could someone help me out to make this thing work 
without crashing chuck?

click here: http://urbanplexus.net/reconstructor.ck

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