[chuck-users] Help with arrays?

Adam R. Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 18 22:59:45 EDT 2005


This is a common mistake. Arrays in ChucK are indexed from 0 -> N-1. So 
if you have an array that has 256 pieces, like your patch, the indexes 
are from 0 - 255. The problem you are encountering in your main loop is 
that std.rand2 is returning a number between 0 and 256 - INCLUDING 256. 
If you change that line to this:

     std.rand2(0, pieces-1) => piece;

then everything will work out just fine. I have it running and 
crackling just fine on osx.

Happy ChucKing.


On Oct 18, 2005, at 10:59 AM, Vassili Slessarenko wrote:

> Nobody really uses jankyteeth/soup anymore. SO i figured I'd ask here:
> I can still not quite figure out how to do random choice wihtout 
> replacement... I seem to have gotten one of the ways of doing it, but 
> need help to make it not crash the spork. Here is the actual code. 
> After all the effects it tries to randomly select pieces out of a 
> sound file and then plays them at random speeds, etc. so you get a 
> very weird reconstructed sound... feed it any sound file that the 
> soundbuf class understands. The main part I'm having trouble with is 
> the main while(true) loop. Could someone help me out to make this 
> thing work without crashing chuck?
> click here: http://urbanplexus.net/reconstructor.ck
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