[chuck-users] Minimal example not working.

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Oct 19 17:19:52 EDT 2005

Hi Erik!

Welcome! (and thanks for libsndfile!)

> When I run it I get:
>    [chuck]: RtApi: no devices found for given stream parameters.
>    [chuck]: cannot initialize audio device (try using --silent/-s)
> I compiled chuck to run using linux-alsa and I'm running it on
> an Apple iBook running Debian Linux. ALSA is know to work correctly
> on this machine.

This may be a sample-rate issue.  ChucK defaults to 48000 Hz on Linux 
(only), but if you are running linux on Mac hardware, perhaps only 44100 
is supported by the soundcard?  Try:

     %> chuck --srate44100 foo.ck


     %> chuck -r44100 foo.ck

Let us know if this helps.

We have yet to add autoconf support (which the great Stacken folks have 
already written for the previous v1 release, but we haven't glued things 
together for v2 yet).


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