[chuck-users] Minimal example not working.

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+chuck at mega-nerd.com
Sat Oct 22 12:00:09 EDT 2005

Ge Wang wrote:

> Yes, our termination code is even more suspect than the rest of chuck, 
> especially on linux.  How often does it happen? 

Every single time I terminate chuck using control-c.

> Our (unix) signal 
> handling is currently rather uncoordinated.
> > So, is there a way to tell chuck to use a different default
> > sample rate other than the command line?
> Unfortunately, not without modifying the source.  A config file (or 
> perhaps some environment variables) would be great.  We will priority 
> boost this.

Thanks, much appreciated.

  Erik de Castro Lopo
`[Microsoft] are in the business of giving customers exactly what they ask
for, which sounds like a nice idea until you realize that most Microsoft
customers are idiots.' --- Eugene O'Neil on comp.os.linux.development.system

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