[chuck-users] --silent does not synchronise

eduard eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 18:46:49 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I am doing the following:

Terminal A:
1. ./chuck --loop

Terminal B:
1. ./chuck --loop --silent --port4000

Terminal C:
1. ./chuck + kick.ck        // 120 bpm kick, one kick every half a sec
2. ./chuck --port4000 + test.ck

test.ck is the following:

.5::second => dur T;
T - (now % T )=>now;
0 => int i;
     <<< "foo",i>>>;
     1::T => now;

So I expect the word foo to appear every half a sec as well. However  
what happens is that it gets printed out way faster than that  
( around 20 times faster).

However if I do the same but skipping the --silent option in Terminal  
B, all works fine.

Maybe a bug???

Here's my second question. I want the word foo to be printed  
synchronously with the kick and be run on different terminals. For  
that I thought I could issue the following command:

./chuck + kick.ck && ./chuck --port4000 + test.ck

but they are slightly out of tempo. How could I achieve to get them  
synchronised or with less latency?


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