[chuck-users] How to compare strings?

Adam R. Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 3 13:49:13 EDT 2005


Right now string operations are quite limited. You can't cast strings, 
as mentioned in an earlier post,  and you can't concatenate strings. 
Right now strings are stored as object references. You can make this 

if (s==s)<<<"yes">>>;

But that isn't very useful.

String operations have become a popular item in demand and I think it 
is on the queue for development.

I know this isn't a satisfactory answer but most of the dev team is in 
Europe for ICMC and I thought I would try to give you an answer in the 


On Sep 3, 2005, at 1:26 AM, Manfred Brockhaus wrote:

> I'm trying to check strings for equality but the following doesn't work
> "abc" => string s;
> if(s=="abc"){<<<"yes">>>;}
> -mb
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