[chuck-users] OTF not working...

Furlan Primus fprimus at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 19:14:30 EDT 2005

Time-stamp: <2005-09-03 19:09:47 flp>


While testing the examples, following the directions in otf_01.ck I opened a 
second tab / terminal and entered "chuck + otf_02.ck" 
which returned "operation sucsessful" I switched to the first terminal and 

[flp at magicbox 0002]$ chuck --loop
[chuck](VM): sporking incoming shred: 1 (otf_01.ck)...

*** Fatal error : sizeof (off_t) != sizeof (sf_count_t)
*** This means that libsndfile was not configured correctly.


What am I doing wrong? ChucK was compiled sucessfully AFAIK.



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