[chuck-users] OTF not working...

Furlan Primus fprimus at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 08:23:23 EDT 2005

Hi Ge,

On 9/4/05, Ge Wang <gewang at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
> This looks like a file-loading problem, and not a OTF problem (though
> there is one that I mentioned earlier).  This mostly happens under
> linux, using the pre-configured libsndfile.  I remember your post about
> doing this on FC3.  If this error happens, that means the
> pre-configured libsndfile is not compatible and that you should install
> libsndfile and then recompile with the default makefile (which uses
> libsndfile in linux):
>      http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/
> Sorry about this run-around!  We hope to fix this soon.

I have downloaded, configured, compiled, and installed libsndfile from
the site mentioned.
I recompiled ChucK from a fresh archive and now the OTF stuff seems to
work.  Being still a bit early I didn't yet test it extensively.  I
DID get output w/ the first OTF example file using the instructions
therein in two tabbed terminal windows with 'chuck --loop' in the
first and 'chuck + otf_01.ck' in the other.

I refrained from doing the libsndfile install at first because I
already had it loaded via RPM.

Now on my OTHER box, which isn't up at the moment using FC4 i seemed
to experience problems with ChucK finding the libsound library.  I'll
look at it later today and report back to you what I found.



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