[chuck-users] Why do child shreds get killed?

Adam R. Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 6 19:55:11 EDT 2005

Hi Robin,

There is a solution to your problem. Instead of sporking a shred you 
can use machine.add(). This will behave as if you added another file in 
your argument.

In the following example it would be the same as typing chuck main.ck 
loop.ck but all you have to do is chuck main.ck and the main shred 
schedules loop.ck in the first line with machine.add().

Here is a main file with a function and a call to machine.add()

"loop.ck" => machine.add;

fun void foo(){

	while(1::second => now)
	<<<"I'm a function!">>>;

spork ~ foo();

Here is the content of loop.ck

while(1::second => now)
<<<"I'm a file!">>>;

As you pointed out, the function printing won't occur. This example 
will keep chuck alive with the other shred. I also use chuck to make 
songs in the fashion you described. I have a main patch that sporks 
shreds that contain the instruments and I use control signals in the 
main shred to change the song.

machine.add() returns an int so it is easy to remove sporked shreds 
using machine.remove(). You can try something like this:

Event changesong;
"file.ck" => machine.add => int song1;

changesong => now;

song1 => machine.remove;

Happy ChucKing. I hope this helps until sporking becomes more powerful.


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