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>> When does come out?
> It depends on the features that gets implemented.  We are focusing  
> on garbage collection and string manipulation.  If we can get a  
> significant feature done before both of those, there could be an  
> intermediate release.
>> ----- from make osx with latest chuck from website ----
>> /var/tmp//ccfsAgZJ.s:20471:no such 386 instruction: `fctiw'
>> /var/tmp//ccfsAgZJ.s:20472:no such 386 instruction: `stfd'
>> /var/tmp//ccfsAgZJ.s:20496:no such 386 instruction: `fctiw'
>> /var/tmp//ccfsAgZJ.s:20497:no such 386 instruction: `stfd'
>> /var/tmp//ccfsAgZJ.s:20576:no such 386 instruction: `fctiw'
> Hmm.  I think we need a bit more information than that...  This  
> looks like errors in some assembly stubs somewhere, but is it the  
> beginning of the error?  If you can track down the beginning that  
> would be most helpful. We don't have any intel macs around yet, so  
> it's a bit hard to test...

please make and install libsndfile and SDL(build using Xcode and copy  
SDL.framework to /Library/Frameworks) on Intel Mac and uncomment the  
following prt of makefile.osx.
then you can make CHucK successfully. it works fine on my  
macbook pro.


# by default, ChucK uses a pre-configured libsndfile...
# uncomment the next 3 lines to use libsndfile on your system
LIBS+= -lsndfile

# by default, ChucK uses a custom skeleton libsdl for joystick  
# uncomment the next 2 lines to use libsdl on your system
LIBS+= -framework SDL



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