[chuck-users] miniAudicle: MAUI controls

Spencer D Salazar (ssalazar at Princeton.EDU) ssalazar at Princeton.EDU
Sun Apr 2 20:02:19 EDT 2006

Yo Mike,
Id definitely like to introduce more sophisticated windowing and grouping control.  Were still in the process of fleshing out some API design issues, but there should be at least basic support for that functionality in the next release.  

I have not used Cecilia, I will check that out though.  In general, I would like to see a fairly rich set of UI elements available (without getting (too) bloated), so feel free to forward any other ideas for new elements. 


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Subject: [chuck-users] miniAudicle: MAUI controls
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> Spencer,
> I was reading more about the MAUI stuff, and this sounds great. I was
> thinking and had a couple of questions and suggestions.
> Are you thinking about how these interfaces can be grouped into
> functional windows? It appear that currently there is a window for
> every control generated, and if some code gets executed twice, there
> are actually two controls for a single variable.
> Also, have you ever seen Ceceila ( http://cecilia.sourceforge.net/ )?
> It is a front end for CSound. One of the things that they have that is
> really nice is the ability to create Graphs, and each line in the
> graph represents a different variable to control. Having something
> like this would be extremely useful, especially when you are dealing
> with a lot of variables and controlling them over time.
> Mike
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