[chuck-users] Opening Files, Reading Command Output, and Regular Expressions...

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 17 22:23:37 EDT 2006

Hi Dan!

> Is there currently, or any plans to implement, a way to open files
> (regular text/ascii files)

There certainly are plans, and they are being implemented (by Martin 
Robinson mainly and myself)...  We hope to have an initial version
for release in a month or two.

> running a command _and_ capture it's output (it seems that currently, 
> the "system" function only returns an int - which I'm assuming is a 
> return status)

Nothing specifically for this is planned, though it should be possible 
once I/O is implemented.

> or use regular expressions within ChucK.

Some regex-based features are being prototyped...  we may see some surface 
with or after string manipulations (coming up next).


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