[chuck-users] Windows XP - setting chuck.exe to "realtime" priority

David Powers cyborgk at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 13:22:31 EDT 2006


I'm new to ChucK, but I'm really excited about the possibilities.

However, to get it to run well on my new Dell laptop running WinCrap XP, I
had to go CTL-ALT-DEL, open up processes, and set the priority of
chuck.exeto "realtime". Otherwise, when I create and delete shreds, I
was getting
unwanted glitching. Is there some way to automate this process, so that
chuck always has realtime priority? A command line flag would be really
helpful I guess.

Also, is it normal for me to need to do this? Strangely, despite maxing out
the CPU, on an old PIII desktop with only 256 MB RAM (as opposed to 1 gig on
the laptop) I had no problems like this and creating and deleting shreds
occurred very smoothly. That was with a clean install of WinCrap, however.

So it may be the case that on the new Dell, the out-of-the-box install has
processes running that are interfering with the audio. I know this might
veer into off topic territory due to OS issues, so if anyone has insights
specific to XP or Dells, feel free to email me privately.

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