[chuck-users] Windows XP - setting chuck.exe to "realtime" priority

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Apr 20 19:44:08 EDT 2006

Hi David!

> Btw Ge, I was at your presentation last Tuesday in Chicago (DorkBot 
> meeting), which got me excited about chuck gave me the idea to try chuck 
> for the upcoming performance. I'm really excited to see this software 
> develop further!

Yes!  Sorry I failed to recognize you before, but I do now!  Good to "see" 
you again.

> Unfortunately, I am planning to use chuck with a MIDI controller and 
> joystick, so latency is an issue. I have a performance coming up on 
> April 30th, with an electroacoustic ensemble, so I will be interacting 
> with improvising instrumentalists in real time. I'd love to use chuck, 
> if the performance is good enough.

Hopefully, the --level10 flag should alleviate the glitching (it seems to 
be working for several of us).  If it also works for you, you might also 
experiment with improving latency by choosing smaller bufsize, with the 
priority boost.  I was able to run smoothly with --bufsize64 on XP SP2:

     > chuck --level10 --bufsize64 ...

Of course, it's probably a good idea to use the largest bufsize you can 
that gives you acceptable latency...

> I do have a cheap M-Audio MobilePre USB soundbox, which I haven't yet 
> tested with chuck. Possibly that will help with the glitching problem. 
> However, if I need to boost chuck's priority, and it works, then I'm 
> perfectly willing to do that. Is there any reason I SHOULDN'T do so?

Hopefully you won't have to anymore with the level flag.  But if you still 
need to manually boost the priority to "realtime", it's probably okay as 
long as you don't mind other apps (including system processes) having 
potential much worse performance.  But hopefully you won't have to...


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