[chuck-users] teaching with ChucK (was Windows XP ...)

Timothy Sutton timsutton at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 20 22:48:29 EDT 2006

I'm taking a class with Gary Scavone at McGill, and though most of  
our sound coding has used Stk, Gary added a ChucK overview to the  
curriculum this year.  One of my immediate motivations for learning  
it is for my imminent final class project, a ChucK FM improvisation.   
If I remember to record it, I'll put it up on the wiki!

Also trying to power-learn vim... fun!


On 20-Apr-06, at 7:30 PM, Ge Wang wrote:
> If anyone else is using ChucK in the classroom (I know of folks at  
> UVic,
> McGill, GA Tech, and few other places that use chuck to various  
> degrees),
> we'd love to hear about it.  Perhaps we can eventually make a list of
> places that use ChucK for education, and share our materials/ 
> experiences.

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