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Lars Luthman larsl at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Apr 21 18:49:24 EDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-04-20 at 14:39 -0400, Ge Wang wrote:
> Hi Kassen!
> > At the moment I'm merrily ChucKing allong building a little "groovebox". 
> > My idea here is that it's easier to put knobs on a laptop then it is to 
> > put a comand line on a groovebox.
> Awesome!
> > For true groovebox functionality it would be nice to have some way of 
> > listening to a MIDI clock and this seems to be missing at the moment. Of 
> > cource MIDI sync normally works quite differently from the typical 
> > structure of ChucK code but at least some way of relating to it would be 
> > nice.
> Indeed there is no underlying functionality to interpret a MIDI clock at 
> the current time.  If we can work it cleanly into the timing framework it 
> would certainly be worth having.  It is now on the TODO list.

There is another timing source that would be very nice to have - JACK
transport. When a timebase master is present in the JACK graph, all JACK
clients are able to get the current bar, beat, tick, ticks per beat,
BPM, and beats per bar at the beginning of each new JACK period. From
that information it's also easy to determine at which exact frames the
beats and ticks happen, and where new bars begin.

Knowing the JACK transport BPM would be interesting for things like
tempo-synced echos and LFOs, and knowing where the beat and bar
boundaries are could be nice for things like sequencers and phrase

Lars Luthman
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