[chuck-users] Building ChucK for Ubuntu 5.10

Sean M Gomez sgomez at wesleyan.edu
Tue Apr 25 22:43:26 EDT 2006

Sorry, it's sorted. I didn't have libjack installed.
now to find the next dependency failure.

Sean M. Gomez
ITS - Desktop Support Specialist
Wesleyan University

On Tue, 25 Apr 2006, Sean M Gomez wrote:

> The break is with:
> "rtaudio.cpp:2715:23: error: jack/jack.h: No such file or directory"
> I suspect it's just a matter of correcting that include, but I don't
> know where jack installs to.
> I mentioned I'm a real beginner, if I should be digging around jack
> resources please say so. I know how to USE linux but tweaking it like
> this is new to me, I'll omit the gory details of my using win32/REASON for
> all my music before...
> sean

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