[chuck-users] A modest proposal (caps).

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 16:35:30 EDT 2006

Ok, list...

I realise this may be edging on dangerous teritory but I was just fooling
around with the miniaudicle and some filters and had to type this;

sawosc s => TwoPole f => dac;

This works perfectly; that's not the problem. My problem is that it's
"TwoPole" and not "Twopole" or "twopole" and yet it's not SawOsc but sawosc.

I realise this is because we are borowing from the STK and also using new
stuff but.... Well, to be honest I'd realy prefer a consistent use of caps.
Frankly I'd be in favour of simply making it all lowercase or at least a
consistent use of case because this -to me- is hard to remember.

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