[chuck-users] A modest proposal (caps)

Jim Hinds jahbini at jahbini.info
Sun Aug 6 15:30:39 EDT 2006

To most humans, a Rose is a rose is a ROSE.  To computers (who are  
our servants) these are completely different, and we allow them to  
push their limitations in our faces.  Because, the programmer rightly  
brings to our attention all the illegal, illegitimate, immoral  
consequences of our wishes.  Not to mention that it is too difficult  
to implement.  And would give rise to a race of moron babies who cant  
chew their own food.

A simple hack to the lexical scanner would be to force the comparison  
to lowercase for key generators.  OR allow a prefix that tells the  
scanner to force the comparison to lowercasee for the next word.   
Probably might look like a C cast:  (lc)sinOSC.  This forces the user  
to give the scanner a clue to when it is allowed to deviate from its  
strict string matching rule.  The (lc) would be a single lexeme.


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> Ge Wang wrote:
>> Perhaps the way to go for now is to provide uppercase convention for
>> the native chuck ugen's (SinOsc, Impulse, Gain etc), but also keep  
>> the lowercase versions (sinosc, impulse, others) for backward  
>> compatibility. It's extra stuff in the namespace for now, but  
>> overall that might make more sense.  Thoughts?
> That sounds fine.
> -- 
> peace, love & harmony
> Atte

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