[chuck-users] towards sucking less in 64-bit

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Aug 9 21:28:39 EDT 2006


We want to, once again, look into getting chuck working correctly in  
true 64-bit.  To that end, if you have a 64-bit machine that chuck  
crashes (more than usual) on, please consider compiling the attached  
program, which prints the native data type sizes for your system, and  
email/post the output.  This will give us a rough idea of the various  
size discrepancies that are most likely causing things to crash  
horribly under native 64-bit.

To compile:

     g++ -o platform platform.cpp

To run:


You should see something like:

     char: 1
     short: 2
     int: 4
     long: 8
     float: 4
     double: 8
     void *: 8
     endian: small

Copy and paste the output and send it back with the names of your cpu  
and operating system.

Thank you very much!


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