[chuck-users] ChucK output bit depth, etc. (OS X)

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 14 10:24:28 EDT 2006

Hi Matt!

> What is ChucK's default output bit-depth?

By default, ChucK talks to CoreAudio at 32-bit floating point.

> 16? every time I run it from the command line is resets the bit  
> depth in OS X 10.4.7's Audio MIDI Settings to 16 bits. Is there a  
> way to specify this?

Currently, there is no way to specify this.  It would be worth  
adding!  It's strange that it's getting set to 16-bit.  Are you using  
the universal binary downloaded from site?

Also, run --probe, which may tell you more about the available devices:

     > chuck --probe

> Also, when I run MiniAudicle (MacBook, 10.4.7), adding a shred
> containing access to the dac causes MiniAudicle to crash. I've tried
> numerous different settings in both the MiniAudicle preferences and in
> OS X's Audio MIDI settings.

There is a bug in the intel version of the miniAudicle that causes  
real-time audio to crash.  I believe Spencer has fixed this issue and  
will release a new version today.

> Also, generally, can anyone comment on the infuriating  
> susceptibility of the OS X Audio MIDI settings to being overridden,  
> reset, changed, etc., by practically any application?

Can anyone else address this?  I think this would be helpful for many  
OS X MIDI users.


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