[chuck-users] figuring out what causes a crash

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 00:02:04 EST 2006


While playing with my setup tonight chuck crashed (seg fault) on me a 
couple of times, and I'm very interested in finding out why. Instead of 
crawling through my 18000+ lines of chuck code I'd like chuck to be a 
little more outspoken when it crashes. Now it just gives me the line 
where I call chuck from a bash startup script. I tried the verbose 
setting, and although I haven't made it crash yet, I don't really need 
all the debugging info when running, so I suspect I'm looking for 
something slightly different.

Is there anything I can do (a hack in the source, a switch I should try, 
any suggestions) to investigate a bit further?

BTW: I'm pretty sure it's my code and not chuck that's to blame, 
although one must never say never:-)

peace, love & harmony

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