[chuck-users] strings via osc and more..

tazumi tazumi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 07:42:07 EST 2006

Hi List,

hello to everybody.. i am new to this list..

i have got a question about sending strings with the osc class.. ist this
The manual says that the osc object has 2 member functions (addInt /
so is there a way to send (or revieve) other data types?

another question is about System Information from within chuck.. are there
that for example return information about all available midi ports - as a
list, an array or
something similar? (like the VM option --probe)

Currently i am working on a kind of chuck user interface.. i want the UI and
chuck to
communicate over OSC - so a way to get Information about the current
(from within chuck and send them to the UI) would really be great...


-- tazumi
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