[chuck-users] error on linux laptop

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 07:49:28 EST 2006

do you mean the python/chuck stuff that was causing the audio error?
Yes of course it is already available on the svn server 
http://devel.goto10.org here navigate to ixi/python/slicer and on the 
right side there is a tarball link to download all the files.
The svn server is down sometimes (it is as i write). Many things to 
solve yet but it is getting there. The interface is python+opengl and 
the sound is ChucK, before i used pd but i like ChucK more for this kind 
of stuff. I am not sure that it works right now on windows and mac. It 
was few weeks ago but I am developing on debian right now.
So you need, python+pyopengl+wxpython+pygame+chuck to run it.

Martin Ahnelöv wrote:
> So... Are you going to release the app?
> And what is it going to do? I', just curious, being a (nobody) pythoneer and 
> all. :)
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