[chuck-users] Release schedule for

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Feb 6 13:40:35 EST 2006

Hi Mike!

> I was wondering if the development team has a regular schedule under
> which you are working? I was just curious at how often there will be
> updated releases for ChucK are being made.

(uh... what schedule?)

The development and release schedule is "sort of" erratic.  We put in 
chunks of time, but they are subject to other deadlines and projects - 
was a busy month - we had several big paper deadlines and the debut
PLOrk concert, so chuck/audicle development only happened when support
was required.  Now that these deadlines are over, we are planning to 
enter a
massive development and documentation period, so releases for chuck,
audicle, and miniAudicle will happen much more frequently.

Traditionally, there have been a minor chuck release every few weeks.  
is usually not mandatory to upgrade (unless a bug fix or a feature you 
is in the new release). is planned for later this week.  As 
announcements for new releases are sent to the [chuck] mailing list.


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