[chuck-users] multi-channel dac/adc?

Charlls Quarra charlls_quarra at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Feb 10 16:58:54 EST 2006

  I wonder if it is possible to manage input and output of audio hardware with more than 2 channels,
 this relates to a secondary doubt it's tickling me; why there seems to be a embedded version of stk inside chuck source, instead of relying on stk as a external dependency? Currently stk 4.2.1 supports any number of audio I/O channels, it's possible to easily update chuck to support the new stk? or even cleaner, move stk as a external dependency?
 p.d: for gentooers, there are now two (preliminary, they work on my x86 box tho) ebuilds for stk and chuck;
 just put them in a sensible overlay path (i use 
  /usr/local/portage-audio/media-libs/stk and
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